Watch Package Thieves Get Ambushed by Surprise Glitter Stink Bombs

UPDATE: Perhaps unsurprisingly, it turns out that aspects of this video were staged. Does that really make it any less fun, though?E-commerce lets us do all of our holiday shopping in our bathrobe without mall security giving us dirty looks. There’s one major downside, of course: You get an alert saying your package has been delivered, but when you arrive home, you discover someone has stolen it. It’s a terrible feeling. Even if you have a security camera set up, there are plenty of instances where your thief will get away scot-free. So what you can to get some sweet revenge on all those Grinches out there? If you’re a former NASA engineer, you put your skills to work to rig your package with a glitter stink bomb and set it up as a nightmarish trap. (And you get the whole thing on tape so we can laugh at terrible people being served some sparkly, stinky street justice.)
Mark Rober, one of our favorite YouTubers, decided this Christmas season he would get back at the monsters who take boxes off porches, and created a Home Alone-inspired revenge ploy. He rigged up a contraption that looks like a legitimate, expensive package. Inside were four high-speed cameras, a pound of glitter, and fart spray. When the thieves opened their ill-gained goods, the package exploded into a spray of glitter and stench.The reactions of the thieves are incredible. They are initially confused, but when they realize what has happened they know they can’t get mad, because they stole the darn thing. This horror show of glitter (the worst substance mankind has ever created) and the stench is just too much to process, and they don’t know whether to be stunned, sad, or angry. As it turns out, getting a glitter bomb is way worse than coal.

Featured Image: Mark Rober

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