Owen Wilson Returning as Lighting McQueen in CARS Series

You better make sure you got the oil changed on your Disney+ subscription. And that your modem’s break lights are working. Owen Wilson and Larry the Cable Guy are returning to the Cars franchise for an all-new Disney+ series. But this time they’re leaving the racetrack behind to go out and see the world, in Cars on the Road. And official concept art teasing their adventures is sure to rev fans’ engines.

Lightning McQueen and Mater have already conquered the box office with three films. Now they’re taking on the streaming world with their own Disney+ series. The Mouse House announced the Pixar show as part of this year’s virtual Disney+ Day. While Cars on the Road doesn’t have a teaser just yet, we did get a glimpse at what to expect. In a Disney+ only featurette, Larry the Cable Guy says the duo will head out on a cross country trip.

Concept art also teases the kind of danger they’ll face. One drawing shows the friends on the run from two gigantic dinosaur autos. In another they appear to have joined a gang of Mad Max Fury Road-style cars and trucks. (Either that or they’ll be facing down a band of dangerous machines who just so happen to have their evil doubles.) And in the final image Lightning McQueen flees for his life through the forest as a monster truck chases him down.

Two giant automobile robots chase Lightning McQueen and Mater in concept art for Cars on the Road from Disney-Pixar

Fortunately for children everywhere, but not for those of us with a very dark sense of humor, Saturday Night Live‘s idea for a Cars 4 is probably not an inspiration for the show.

Cars on the Road doesn’t have a specific release date yet. It will debut on Disney+ sometime in 2022. Which should be plenty of time to make sure your home’s streaming capabilities gets a tuneup.

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