An Ode to Oscar Isaac’s Beard in DUNE

Leto Atreides is the Duke of House Atreides and ruler of Caladan and then Arrakis. A commanding character in Frank Herbert’s novel Dune, Duke Leto Atreides has a prominent role in Denis Villeneuve’s upcoming movie adaptation. Those who serve House Atreides know Leto to be a strong, compassionate leader. And Oscar Isaac portrays the fair and just noble in the next Dune film. The Padishah Emperor orders Leto to leave Caladan after nearly two decades to take over Arrakis, and as the first trailer for the movie shows, it’s a fateful move for the Atreides. Tragedy awaits. But regardless of what will happen, Oscar Isaac’s beard cannot be stopped.

And thank goodness for that.

Oscar Isaac as Duke Leto Atreides

Warner Bros./Legendary

Isaac’s facial hair in Dune supports Leto’s imposing countenance. The book describes the Duke as having the look of a hawk, which is also part of House Atreides’ symbol. And while I don’t know if a beard screams “hawk” it certainly makes for an intimidating, brooding appearance. So I just want to appreciate Isaac’s salt and pepper beard in Dune in all its glory.

Duke Leto Atreides arrives on Arrakis

Warner Bros./Legendary

As befitting for a Duke, Isaac’s beard is tidy and without the tiniest bit of scraggle. Leto’s has a clean, sharp, and manicured look. He clearly possesses grooming talents. Maybe he does it himself or House Atreides has stylists on staff. Perhaps Lady Jessica, the Bene Gesserit who is Duke Leto’s concubine, offers advice. Emphasis on perhaps. I know she has better things to do.

House Atreides household

Warner Bros./Legendary

The cut of Leto’s beard matches his longer locks. It’s all about presenting an image. And I want to thank the actual folks responsible for this: the stylists and groomers who worked behind the scenes on Dune. They combed and shaped Isaac’s facial hair beautifully to emphasize Leto’s role as a leader. In a group shot with some of the Atreides household, only Leto and Gurney Halleck sport beards. Gurney’s the Warmaster for House Atreides, but his beard isn’t as sharp or impressive as Leto’s. Just saying.

Leto Atreides looks distraught

Warner Bros./Legendary

Just look at the above gif! Not a single hair in his beard flutters in the wind. It’s majestic.

Duke Leto holding binoculars

Warner Bros./Legendary

Lady Jessica and Duke Leto Atreides

Warner Bros./Legendary

We can’t wait to see more of Oscar Isaac’s Leto beard in the movie. Dune will arrive in theaters on December 18, 2020. Be sure to check out  all our Dune content from explainers, to glossaries, to character breakdowns.

Featured Image: Warner Bros./Legendary

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