Oscar Isaac’s Childhood Home Movie Shows His Heroic Destiny

Oscar Isaac is about to join the MCU. The Star Wars alum is set to enter the world’s other biggest franchise as the star of Disney+’s Moon Knight. But it turns out it won’t actually be his first foray into the life of an Avenger. Kind of. A long time ago, in the backyard of a Miami home, he began training to be one of Earth’s mightiest heroes. And he was only ten years old when he did it. Because that’s when Oscar Isaac wrote, directed, and starred in his own home movie, The Avenger, about a ninja assassin fighting his nemesis. And he showed clips of his film when he returned to host SNL this past weekend.

Every star, even the biggest in the world, has to start somewhere. For Oscar Isaac that was his friend Bruce Ferguson’s house. As kids they shot a little movie where Isaac played both the hero and the goalie-mask wearing villain. (No, not Jason Voorhees. At least we don’t think it was Jason. Even today Oscar Isaac definitely can’t afford the rights to the character.)

The former Poe Dameron was kind enough to show off his childhood movie during his opening monologue as host of Saturday Night Live. It was way more fun to watch Oscar Isaac, home movie now than it probably was for Bruce’s dad back in the day. (Although, even then it had some great moments. Did you see that board break? No CGI!)

10-year-old Oscar Isaac doing a ninja pose during his homemade movie
NBC/Oscar Isaac/Bruce Ferguson

However, the best part of the whole thing is the reason why Isaac showed it. He wanted to encourages kids, those who know him as this big famous star, and realize that once upon a time he was a weird child doing what he loved. And it’s okay to be a weirdo. Because sometimes you go from licking blood of a sword in Bruce’s backyard to doing it on SNL.

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