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Isn’t this montage of increasingly-absurd classroom hi-jinks from My Neighbor Seki just delightful…?

Well, technically, it isn’t from the show. Rather, it’s an AMV (anime music video) where YouTuber “nicolio1313” has chopped up clips from different episodes and artfully re-edited them to “Figaro’s Aria” from the Barber of Seville.

If it tickles you in the slightest, mosey along to nicilio’s channel. There are more than two dozen other videos in the back catalog. Some cherry pick clips from several series at a time–impressively mashing up the likes of Time of Eve, Bunny Drop, and Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood into one tight montage. Others cut to a diverse set of songs, swinging from MGMT’s “Electric Feel” to Billy Joel’s “the Lullaby” and Bastille’s “Bad Blood.” They’re all cool, creative feats of editing.

And perhaps they’re truer representations of AMVs than the more official projects we’ve waxed rhapsodic about, actually. Such pop artifacts are unique to anime fandom: early manifestations of remix culture, charting back to the early days of tape trading, when dedicated otaku used VHS dub decks to pay tribute to their favorite shows. Today, they’re judged at multi-tiered competitions at cons, and this clip even won at Anime Expo last summer!

Do you dig it? Can you dig it? What other AMVs are worth checking out? Let us know. 

Featured Image Credit: Sentai Filmworks

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