OkCupid Is Using GAME OF THRONES Preferences to Match Up Couples

Weddings in Westeros don’t always go as planned, but that doesn’t mean anyone should give up on finding their special someone. (Maybe just avoid inviting your enemies to the nuptials.) Now, the dating website OkCupid is helping users connect via their shared love of Game of Thrones.

After seeing more than two million references to the show in profiles, OkCupid created a new Game of Thrones badge (which we learned about at Mashable), which automatically gets added to a user’s profile if they answer “yes” to whether or not they watch the show. It’s an easy way for fans to find someone they can discuss the final season with, instead of learning on an awkward first date they “don’t know what a Tyrion is.”

The dating app also added other question about the show for users to answer, and it produced data maesters will be pondering for years, like how “OkCupid members who say Brienne and Tormund are their #relationshipgoals are more likely to be proactive in challenging traditional gender roles than those who say Jon Snow and Ygritte.” Also, the free-dating app found women are more likely to name Khal Drogo and Daenerys as their ideal relationship, while men are more likely to name Jon and Ygritte.

A majority of users think Hodor’s death “hurt the most” (women 38%, men 33%), followed by the Red Wedding (28%, 27%), and just about everyone agrees they want to see Jon and Daenerys win (women 83%, men 73%). More people want to see the Night King win (3%, 7%) than they do the Lannisters (2%, 1%).

Some of that may not sound relevant to dating, but imagine you’re the type of person who wants to see the dead defeat the living, and you end up on a date with some monster who would rather see Cersei Lannister prevail! What kind of long term relationship could survive something like that?

That’s how red and purple weddings happen, and no one loves to see that.

Featured Image: HBO

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