New Weta Workshop LOTR Bag End Sculpture Radiates Cozy Magic

It’s impossible to think of the Shire without thinking about the lovely coziness of the hobbits’ community. And the centerpiece of it all, of course, is Bag End, the home of Bilbo Baggins. When we watch Lord of the Rings, the safety and lush, simple pleasures of the hobbit lives call to us. And now, we can bring a little piece of that into our homes with Weta Workshop’s new Lord of the RingsBag End on the Hill” and “ Bag End Hobbit Hole” sculptures. These new collectible LOTR “environments” capture all the magic of a hobbit’s world in sculpture form.

Lord of the Rings Bag End sculpture from Weta Workshop
Weta Workshop

Weta Workshop shares:

Every hobbit-hole is unique, expressing the personality of its inhabitants with colour and prettily adorned with gardens, furniture, and the rustic debris of everyday life. The abiding atmosphere of Bag End itself is one of lazy comfort, from the pretty but slightly overgrown gardens that hug its eaves to the welcoming clutter inside its labyrinthine chambers. Sprawling around the Hill beneath the shade of an old oak tree whose roots twist through its halls, the grand smial reflects the gentle good humour of its hosts and the universal Hobbit love of simple pleasures.
The front door of the Lord of the Rings Bag End sculpture from Weta Workshop lit up
Weta Workshop

This beautiful Bag End sculpture is perfection down to the most minute details. Our favorite part? The cozy light emanating from the windows. It really makes you feel like the fire is crackling merrily in the grate as some delicious stew simmers in a pot. You can even peer inside the door of this cozy home. Will you see Bilbo at his desk? Or Frodo looking pensive out a window. Weta Workshop has done some incredible LOTR sculpture work before. But this feels by far the warmest.

LOTR collectible art - the inside of the hobbit hole lit up
Weta Workshop

And this Lord of the Rings collectible also brings something new to the table. Leonard Ellis, Weta Workshop’s collectible team leader, and Daniel Falconer, its art director reveal a surprise in the sculpture. This miniature Bag End offers a look at the hobbit hole’s backdoor. John Howe, a chief concept designer on The Lord of the Rings movies, actually drafted the concept of the backdoor. But it was never built for the movies. Weta Workshop brings Bag End’s backdoor to life physically for the first time in this sculpture.

All the detail work also astounds. From tiny flowers to perfect mushrooms, to a small bench perfect for even smaller hobbits to sit, we love all of it. Atop the Bag End sculpture, the iconic oak tree offers its roots to the structure, adding a touch of ancient magic to the fray. This Lord of the Rings sculpture was “hand-sculpted environment by Gong Zhaohui with model-making by Leonard Ellis and David Tremont. Additional digital elements by Bawal Saggi.”

Bag End Lord of the Rings Sculpture from Weta Workshop - a closer look at details like flowers, windows, and gardens
Weta Workshop

This LOTR collectible sculpture will be a limited edition piece. But the size of the edition depends on pre-orders. With such a level of intricacy, this Lord of the Rings sculpture doesn’t come cheap. The full version comes out to $1,199.00. However, Weta Workshop understands that a sculpture of this size (and cost) may not make sense for many people. So they have also released a smaller version of the Bag End sculpture.

LOTR sculpture of Bilbo's house, smaller edition
Weta Workshop

This one focuses on the front of Bag End and offers a smaller, but no less beautiful taste of Middle-earth. Here, the price drops to $99.

Both versions of this amazing LOTR collectible sculpture are available for pre-order now.

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