Impressive LORD OF THE RINGS Statue Captures a Chilling Scene

If there’s one absolutely chilling sequence from The Lord of the Rings films, it’s the one where Frodo, Sam, Merry, and Pippin nearly run headlong into a Nazgul. In many ways, this moment, eerily marked by the faceless creature leaning over the roots of a tree to sniff the air, is the true beginning of the film’s long journey. For hobbits and viewers alike, it solidifies a transition away from the cheery warmth of the shire and into something darker. And now, the moment itself is literally solidified in a new Lord of the Rings statue from Weta Workshop.

Lord of the Rings collectible sculpture showing the Nazgul leaning over a tree to find four hobbits

Weta Workshop

This new, limited edition Masters Collection statue, which we first saw on Gamespot, is a 1:6 scale statue. The official description shares that Brigitte Wuest and Gary Hunt sculpted the figure. Both artists have previously made many incredible Lord of the Rings pieces. They used both physical and digital techniques in their creation of the statue.

Wuest shares:

It’s such an iconic scene, so it was exciting to be asked to create this. I tried to capture the eerie silence when the Hobbits held their breath as the Ringwraith crept closer; his senses on high alert. You can even see the evil look of the Wraith Steed as it seeks to sense their presence too.

I really enjoyed sculpting the Steed in its solitary standing position, which had the potential to be quite boring, but with such drama in its face it comes to life and ends up playing an important part in the scene. The key was getting the right balance of tree and roots versus Wraith, Steed, and Hobbits. I believe each element is equally important but they also need to have their own prominence.

Lord of the Rings collectible sculpture showing the Nazgul leaning over a tree as his horse looks on and the hobbits huddle in fear

Weta Workshop

The Lord of the Rings statue distills the primary components of the scene to perfection. It even zeroes in on a moment of suspended action as Frodo fights with himself not to put the ring on his finger.

Lord of the Rings collectible sculpture showing Frodo struggling not to put the ring on

Weta Workshop

The “Get off the Road” Lord of the Rings statue goes on sale on August 16 with an edition of 500. The price of this item is not yet known. But one thing is for sure, it is a work of true art.

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