Visit THE MATRIX in Style With This New BlackMilk Collection

Let’s face it. We all want to be as cool as Keanu Reeves. And now, we can take one step toward our goals with the new “Beam Me Up” line from BlackMilk clothing. This collection features a ton of sci-fi designs, but, best of all, includes several pieces inspired by The Matrix franchise. Now you can get dressed for any reality in this fashionable BlackMilk x Matrix collection.

The Matrix BlackMilk Collection featuring a trench coat and dress

Though the line includes many different items nerds will love, the specific Matrix BlackMilk pieces include different looks.

First up, the “Neo Trench Coat,” of course. Neo’s trench coat is an iconic piece of Matrix history. BlackMilk’s version looks ultra-sleek and comes lined with The Matrix‘s trademark green lines of code. Keanu Reeves may have worn it best. But we know you’ll wear it excellently too.

Neo Trench Coat from the BlackMilk x Matrix collection

Next comes the “Matrix Code Dance Student Dress.” The official description for the dress asks, “In a world of ones and zeros…are you a zero, or The One?” Wear this dress and find out. We love the floaty material of the dress. It will really make the code feel… alive.

Matrix Code Dance Student Dress from the BlackMilk x Matrix collection

In addition, the BlackMilk x Matrix collection includes the “Matrix Code” hoodie, ninja pants, and crop top. Who knew The Matrix code could look even better than it already did? We love it especially in the form of a hoodie. When you have to fight the machines, you need a good relaxation outfit.

Matrix Code Hoodie from the BlackMilk x Matrix collection
Matrix Code Crop and Ninja Pants from the BlackMilk x Matrix collection

Of course, no Matrix look is complete without an homage to the white rabbit. Don this sweater and see who follows.

Follow The White Rabbit Sweater

Finally, BlackMilk has solved the age-old Matrix question. Red pill or blue pill? You don’t have to choose anymore with these “Blue Pill Red Pill HW Battle Pants.” We choose to believe this means you can feel both enlightened and happy. Why didn’t Morpheus offer us these pants instead of pills?

Blue Pill Red Pill Battle Pants from the BlackMilk x Matrix collection

You can take a look at the whole “Beam Me Up” line here. The Matrix x BlackMilk collection, along with the rest of the pieces, will come online to purchase on January 10 at 1 p.m. PT.

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