Keanu Reeves Spills the Beans on the ‘Sad Keanu’ Meme

By this point, we’ve all seen the “sad Keanu” meme making the rounds on social media. But what does the actual Keanu Reeves think of this particular bit of internet silliness? Was he actually sad the day someone took that pic? Or did he actually just have a resting sad face? (Yes, we totally just made that phrase up).

Well, the subject of the infamous meme actually came up on Keanu’s latest appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. The beloved actor was there to promote the upcoming The Matrix: Resurrections, and of course Colbert had to bring up “sad Keanu.” You can see Keanu’s response to it all in the video clip right here, via the folks at The A.V. Club.

In his own words, Keanu said, “I had some stuff going on” the day someone took that photograph. But mostly, he was just really hungry. As anyone who has ever been hangry knows, it can put a sour face on just about anyone. But the John Wick star confirms he wasn’t having some deep emotional crisis at that moment. It had just been “a day,” as they say. Funnily enough, artist Ron Garney, artist of Keanu’s upcoming comic book series BRZRKR (pronounced Berzerker), paid homage to the sad Keanu meme in his own comic.

Keanu Reeves appearing on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

Another interesting tidbit revealed? There is one sequel that Keanu can’t get off the ground. And that is a sequel to his 2005 film Constantine. The original film, about DC Comics’ supernatural investigator, wasn’t a big hit. But it wasn’t a huge bomb either. But for whatever reason, even Keanu doesn’t seem to have the power to make Constantine 2 happen.

Of course, there’s a version of the character coming to HBO Max, and the recent Legends of Tomorrow version, played by Matt Ryan. But if we can have multiple Superman and Batman portrayals, why not John Constantine too? As long as Keanu keeps from doing a British accent, we’re totally for this. If you’ve ever seen Bram Stoker’s Dracula, you know why Keanu doing a British accent is not a great idea.

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