The Propstore Auction Features STAR WARS, POLTERGEIST, the MCU, and More

Some truly legendary items from fan-favorite films will soon have the ability to be a part of your private collection. If you can shake out a few million quarters from under the couch cushions that is. The folks at the Propstore are about to start their next big auction, and it might actually outdo some of their earlier ones by a country mile. For this latest auction of iconic movie memorabilia, they’ve got items from Star Wars, the MCU, Nolan’s Batman films, and even Titanic. Here are some items that will soon be up for sale.

The possessed clown from the 1982 film Poltergeist.

The Star Wars item for this auction was actually worn by Hollywood royalty, a princess on and off camera, Carrie Fisher. They also have Princess Leia’s final awards ceremony gown, from the finale of A New Hope.

Princess Leia's dress from A New Hope, worn by Carrie Fisher in the final scene.

For MCU fans, the Propstore has Peter Quill’s helmet from Guardians of the Galaxy. Not to mention the reforged hammer Mjolnir from Thor: Love and Thunder, wielded by Jane Foster.

Star-Lord's helmet from Guardians of the Galaxy, and Thor's hammer from Love and Thunder.

From the DC side of things, this auction will make the Batpod from The Dark Knight available. Imagine having this baby parked in your garage for all to see. (Better get a good Bat-tarp).

The Batpod from The Dark Knight.

This auction’s offerings also will not disappoint horror fans. Not only do we get the infamous “spider-head” from John Carpenter’s The Thing, but also an original puppet from Gremlins. Perhaps most iconic is Jason Voorhees’ actual hockey mask from Friday the 13th Part VII, and the toy clown from Poltergeist that gave an entire generation a lifelong fear of clowns.

Jason Voorhees' mask from Friday the 13th, a puppet from Grenlins, the creature from the Thing, and the clown from Poltergeist.

Interested fans can head on over to the Propstore’s official site for more information. This Propstore auction will start the live online bidding on June 28-30. The full catalog should be available in the first week of June, but you can check out the premiere pieces for this action already.  

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