$1,500 Razr with Bendable Screen Being Released by Motorola

Hopefully everybody is in the mood for some mad “member berries” ’cause Motorola is bringing back the Razr flip phone starting in January of 2020. And aside from a massive influx of nostalgic memories—we all recall where we were the first time somebody flipped open their phone(?!?!)—the rebooted Razr also promises to deliver a foldable “Flex View” screen and enough sleek style to make Jean-Ralphio Saperstein salivate ad infinitum. The new Razr also comes with a $1,500 price tag, which may be a good thing as you’ll be able to see the flexible screen way better with your eyeballs ejected out of their sockets.


Motorola just announced the launch of the new Razr, with teaser clips of the iconic, foldable smart device in action. The above “Feel the Flip” clip (that comes via Gizmodo) was posted to the company’s YouTube page on November 13, although no real details were given. Still though, watching the original Razr simultaneously soar through the air and melt as it becomes the new Razr is a heck of a way to show product evolution. Plus, that Pigeon John song is an earworm that people will need salad tongs to extract.

Forget about all that flash though, let’s talk about substance. The new Razr uses Android’s operating software, and boasts six gigs of RAM, 128 gigs of storage, a 2.2 GHz octa-core processor, a “water-repellant design,” Google Lens (image recognition tech that allows you to look things up just by pointing the phone’s camera at whatever you want to know more about), and two screen displays. (For more specs, check out Motorola’s Razr page.)

It’s the inside screen display, the Flex View screen, that’s obviously the big attention grabber here. The screen utilizes POLED (Plastic Organic Light Emitting Diodes) technology in order to achieve its bendability, and while the world has already been introduced to bendable phone displays, the novelty hasn’t worn off quite yet.

But it seems like Motorola is aiming for more than just novelty with the rebooted Razr. Yes, that price tag is downright monstrous and will obviously serve as a significant barrier to entry, but Motorola is emphasizing the fact that the new Razr is “pocket-ready size” while still maintaining all of the functionality of smart phones like the iPhone. Seriously, making phones slimmer and slimmer is great and all, but they’re still hard to fit in pockets when they’re the size of stone tablets brought down the mountain.

A Motorola video describing the evolution of the Razr’s design. 

Despite the sleek style, foldable screen, and relatively acceptable level of functionality, the Razr still has its work cut out for it because, as CNET notes, Motorola only has about three percent of the smart phone market as of this year, and most of that comes from the sale of low-budget phones. But the original Razr sold 130 million units in its four-year run, so even a tiny fraction of that would be impressive for the new, astoundingly pricey version.

The new Razr will be available for preorder starting on December 26, but will only be usable with Verizon in the U.S. It’s unclear when exactly the phone will launch in other markets.

What do you think about Motorola relaunching the iconic Razr phone with a new, flexible POLED display? Would you ever drop $1,500 on a flip phone, or are you satisfied with that thin brick of a gadget you’re probably looking at right now? Pop open your opinions in the comments!

Images: Motorola 

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