New LORD OF THE RINGS Plushies Journey to Build-A-Bear

If you’re looking for some adorable additions for your fellowship of stuffed animals, Build-A-Bear has a precious collection just for you. You can bring Frodo Baggins, Gandalf, and Gollum home, with new The Lord of the Rings plushies.

Two The Lord of the Rings teddy bears, one dressed like Frodo Baggins in his jacket, shirt, and cloak, holding a sword, the other like Gandalf, a bearded wizard in a gray hat and robe Build-A-Bear

Build-A-Bear now has four new officially licensed, limited-release online exclusive pieces celebrating J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings saga. That includes two full-sized, 16-inch teddy bears of Frodo and Gandalf, both with sound from Peter Jackson’s movies. Each medium brown-colored bear comes with blue eyes. The Frodo bundle features the beloved Hobbit’s signature cloak, his dapper little jacket, shirt, and short pants ensemble, and a pair of Hobbit feet to give your bear some hairy paws. The Gandalf bear might be our favorite though. He has his own wizard’s hat, complete with scraggly gray hair and a beard. Along with a gray robe and a cape. And, of course, his staff.

A teddy bear dressed like The Lord of the Rings' Frodo, with a cloak, jacket, and sword in handBuild-A-Bear

If you order the complete set of each ($65 per bear), your stuffed animal will also come with five sounds from the films. While the Build-A-Bear website doesn’t use their names, if you listen to the accompanying quotes these are clearly the voices of Elijah Wood and Sir Ian McKellen. And yes, “You shall not pass!” is one of Gandalf’s five quotes.

You can also arm Frodo for battle with a replica Sting plush sword wristie ($6). It has a dark brown handle, with a decorated blade. That way Frodo will look stylish as he strikes down any stuffed animal orcs you might have. However, it looks like it’s already sold out, so you might need to pick up your sword on the secondary market. This is also why you shouldn’t delay ordering your The Lord of the Rings plushies. Once they’re gone they are gone for good.

A smiling stuffed animal of The Lord of the Ring's GollumBuild-A-Bear

But what would The Lord of the Rings be without Gollum? The same as your Build-A-Bear collection: incomplete. Which is why you can also nab a delightful seven-inch plush doll of the tortured soul. Don’t worry about scaring the kids though. This Gollum is smiling. He’s only partially terrifying.

Which is great for both children and your fellowship of stuffed animals he’ll be joining.

Featured Image: Build-A-Bear

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