Magical Collectible Brings Gandalf the White to Life

Whether working from home or returning a magical evil ring to the fires of Mount Doom, it’s always nice to have a powerful wizard on your side. Especially after he received a huge promotion at work. Now you can have one of the most famous wizards ever near you all the time, with a great new Gandalf the White statue.

It looks so real we half expect it to perform actual magic.

Gandalf the White Comes to Life with Magical New Collectible_1Weta Workshop

Weta Workshop‘s latest The Lord of the Rings collectible is a fantastic new 1/8th scale Gandalf the White piece. It’s based on how Sir Ian McKellen looked in The Return of the King. Made from high-quality PVC, the highly detailed replica is realistic enough you can almost hear Gandalf’s battle cry.

The statue stands 9.84-inches wide, 12.59-inches tall, and 9.84-inches deep. The entire piece, a new addition to the company’s Figures of Fandom line, sits on a stylized environmental base and weighs 1.48 pounds total. Sculpted by Tarn Greenlaw, Gandalf also comes with his sword Glamdring, his White Wizard staff, and “translucent wizardry elements.”

Gandalf the White Comes to Life with Magical New Collectible_2Weta Workshop

It’s available for pre-order now ($119.99) with a 15% non-refundable deposit. Estimated delivery is January 2021. Weta Workshop also says Gandalf the White was designed as a companion piece to its new Witch-King of Angmar piece. That way you can “recreate the clash at Minas Tirith” as seen in the Extended Edition of The Return of the King. That figure, which also comes with the same price and estimated delivery as Gandalf, is just as powerful and kinetic. Displaying them in opposition to each other should make for one dynamic show.

Gandalf the White Comes to Life with Magical New Collectible_3Weta Workshop

You really never know when you’re going to run into the leader of the Nazgûl. Which is why it’s really nice to always have a powerful wizard around. Even if he’s just a great looking statue.

Featured Image: Weta Workshop

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