Level Up with These New LEGO SUPER MARIO BROS. Sets

We’re living in a time of Super Mario overload. Not that we’re complaining, it’s a great time to be a fan of the classic franchise. Along with the upcoming movie and theme park openings, there’s now also new LEGO sets. The latest seven releases include interactive Super Mario builds that involve collecting coins and bonking bricks, just like the video games. There’s expansion packs like Conkdor, a lava wave, and a snow adventure. Or you can try your luck with the character sets. The eight possibilities include some deep cuts. There’s Birdo, Green Toad, Ice Bro, Bramball, Cat Goombas, Blooper (including baby Bloopers), Sumo Bro, and Spike. Unfortunately, they come in boxes now so you can’t just feel through the bag and try to get your favorite. All the new Super Mario sets are now available on LEGO’s website

We came across these new LEGO offerings on Polygon, which points out that Waluigi still hasn’t made an appearance. His popularity in Mario Kart and memes hasn’t yet translated to so much as a LEGO minifig, much less a whole set dedicated to the popular villain.

Since LEGO sets sometimes include details from a film before it’s come out, we’re wondering if any of these tie-in with Super Mario Bros. Movie coming out in April. The first trailer involved the penguins after all, and there’s at least one in the snow adventure set.  

A LEGO Super Mario Bros. set of eight characters

You can build your own interactive levels by connecting these latest sets to other expansion packs like Bowser’s airship and Sky World. Or if you’d rather have a more traditional Super Mario LEGO set, you’ve still got options. There’s a massive Bowser build and a Question Mark Block that are perfect for adults showing off their fandom. And if you’re looking for even more Mario in your life, don’t forget about the theme park land opening soon at Universal Studios.

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