Twitter’s Best Reactions to the New DETECTIVE PIKACHU Trailer

Were we stunned by Mewtwo’s explosive appearance in the newest Detective Pikachu trailer?

No, not when a previous poster for the movie strongly hinted at the legendary Pokémon playing an important role in the film. But what we didn’t expect was Mewtwo to be so smooth (literally). That wasn’t the only thing that stood out from the latest, super-packed teaser though. It had so many our our favorite characters doing amazing things that the trailer feels like it was designed to give the internet a fresh batch of memes as much as it was to get us excited. (It did both.) Here are some of the best reactions we came across on Twitter.

Let’s just say we weren’t alone in totally freaking out over that incredible Mewtwo introduction.

The Pokémon world’s favorite bad-ass kangaroo-cat wasn’t the only highlight of the trailer though. There was plenty of other gold to choose from for fans thanks to plenty of Pokémon getting a chance (and in one case, a sombrero) to shine.

But if there’s one tweet that truly sums up just how hyped this Mewtwo-starring trailer has us, it’s this one.

May 10th can’t get here soon enough. Hopefully our wait is as smooth as Mewtwo.

Featured Image: Warner Bros. Studios Editor’s note: Nerdist is a wholly owned subsidiary of Legendary Digital Networks.

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