NEVERENDING STORY’s Empress Will Star In New Jim Henson Movie

Talk about a nostalgia bomb! According to The Hollywood Reporter, Tami Stronach—who you probably know best as the Childlike Empress “Moon Child” from The NeverEndingStory—will star in a new fantasy film. Even better? The film will feature puppets created by The Jim Henson Creature Shop. It’s like we were just transported back into the ‘80s!

It gets even more nostalgic. The film, titled Man & Witch, will also star The GooniesSean Astin, Cheers’ Rhea Perlman, and Back to the Future’s Christopher Lloyd. It’s described as an “homage to lo-fi fantasy films of the 1980s.” Um, yes please.

The child empress from The NeverEnding StoryWarner Bros. Pictures

The producers of Man & Witch also added that the film is a “comic adventure that both fulfills and subverts the expectations of what a fantasy universe can be.” Stronach will play the titular witch who loses her heart to a goatherd when he hires her to break a curse by an evil wizard.

Stronach’s husband, Greg Steinbruner, wrote the script, and Rob Margolies is set to direct. The Jim Henson Creature Shop will create puppets for the talking sheep, goose, and dog characters.

No word yet on if the film is intended for the streaming crowd or if it will make its way to theaters. Casting is still underway and filming is set to begin late this fall, providing COVID-19 doesn’t hinder production. (Late fall seems a bit optimistic, if you ask us.)

Empress From THE NEVERENDING STORY To Star In New Jim Henson Film_1Netflix

After The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance, we’re more than game for the return of puppetry to the big and small screen. It’s not proper ‘80s nostalgia without it, after all. And with Jim Henson’s crew working behind-the-scenes, we have to imagine Man & Witch will be something special. Here’s to hoping anyway!

No release date is yet announced but we’ll see you posted as new information becomes available.

Featured Image: Warner Bros. Pictures

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