Sean Astin With An Otter Will Bring You Joy

As an actual Mikey Walsh who has spoken with Sean Astin about the name I share with his Goonies character, I can personally attest that the actor is as kind and friendly in real life as you would hope and imagine. He’s a lovable guy, which is why his approval rating is 100% (with a +/- margin of error of zero). And it just went up, after Twitter got to bathe in the wonderful glory of him cuddling an otter.

As if that weren’t a nice enough diversion from the daily tedium, frustration, and anger of social media, it also led to an impromptu celebration of the actor that shows why he’s so beloved by everyone, no matter how old they are.

That near perfect tweet (and we’ll get to the obvious issue with it in a second) led to Astin trending on Twitter, which always leads fans to experience two terrible fears.

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No worries, though. Neither of those things happened. Sean Astin is too wonderful to say something problematic and Goonies never die.

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But as for that original otter tweet, it didn’t totally sit right with everyone, because it described him as “Sean Astin from Stranger Things.” For many of us reading, that is like having Father Time punch you in the face at your birthday party. It hurts, right in our creaky old bones. Fortunately, it led to funny responses that also double as a great trip through his entire career, one that has been as diverse as it has been long.

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Twitter even celebrated how long his whole family has been entertaining us.

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And how did everyone’s favorite Mikey Walsh (it’s okay, I know where I stand) handle all of this sudden attention? In the most Sean Astin way possible.

He really is the best, no matter what show or movie you remember him from.

Featured Image: Warner Bros/Netflix/New Line Cinema

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