Netflix Adds ‘Short-Ass Movie’ List After SNL Sketch

Netflix has heard Pete Davidson’s plea and answered with a nicely curated selection of shorter films. During the Jerrod Carmichael-hosted episode of Saturday Night Live, Davidson and Chris Redd—joined by musical guest Gunna and Red Rocket‘s Simon Rex—rapped their appreciation for concise, 90-minute movies. And Netflix, always up on the trends (or at least trying), is listening. The streaming platform created a page dubbed “Short-Ass Movies” after the sketch title.

And all the movies fall within Davidson and company’s 100 minute or less parameters. During the sketch, the guys lament about outrageous run-times, short attention spans, and arguably the biggest problem in long movie culture: the bathroom situation. Davidson, specifically, jokes about going to see The Batman—which falls just below three hours—and wetting himself in an attempt to not miss a single minute. Dramatic, sure, but also very fair.

Netflix has taken it upon itself to help the situation. And despite producing a famously long-ass movie, Netflix’s deep well of content features a whole lot of films that run 100 minutes or less. They range, naturally, from Netflix Originals to the catalog of licensed films currently available.

A few of the offerings on Netflix's Short-Ass Movies List

Even better, the page is divided into categories, much like Netflix’s genre pages. The categories range from comedy to horror to top picks for the profile and even the films on your list.

Among just a few of the titles Netflix suggests under per its Short-Ass Movies list are:

  • Final Destination 
  • Final Destination 5
  • Hush
  • Just Like Heaven
  • Lady Bird
  • Monty Python and the Holy Grail
  • The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf
  • Windfall
  • Zoolander

I know in my own life, the issue of long movies tends to fall around taking so long to choose a movie that it winds up being too late to watch anything longer than a tight 90 minutes. So, frankly, this curated list from Netflix is really helpful. Check out the full curated Short-Ass Movies list here.

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