NEOPETS X Cakeworthy’s Clothing Line Fashionably Shames Us All

In a world with tons of nostalgic happenings, there are some things that can easily fall off the radar. Obscure TV shows that only got one season. Weird toys that never quite took off with the masses. But we always remember the classics that shaped us. And, for many millennials, it is Neopets. Taking care of virtual pets and racking up valuable points in the world of Neopia was truly the best of times. The early 2000s might have been a fashion disaster but boy were we having fun. Neopets is now in our rosy rearview mirror but we can still celebrate its glory with clothes that are actually cool. Cakeworthy and Neopets have an awesome clothing collab with that you’ll wanna grab. 

Neopets X Cakeworthy includes a Neopets Faerie shirt with all the magical beings from Faerieland, a crewneck sweater with many coveted pets, and more. Some of my personal faves include a very comfy and bright yellow onesie, “add me on Neopets” sticky notes, and a red and black flannel shirt with the words “your Neopets are dying” scrawled across the back.

The plaid truly taps into the ’90s and early 2000s aesthetic. Yes, that last item causes all of us lots of pain but aren’t we all mostly suffering these days? It feels like our Neopets aren’t the only ones who are dying a little bit everyday. Sorry, I let my early 2000s emo slip for a moment. Back to the story. 

Neopets black and red plaid shirt with your neopets are dying in white letters on the back and photo of Black woman wearing faerie shirt Cakeworthy

Prices range from $5.95 to $69.95 so this Neopets clothing line with Cakeworthy is rather affordable for most people. We all know that geeky things can get expensive, like these luxury Black Panther watches. And no you cannot use Neopoints to purchase anything. But you can drop cash and celebrate the great online game that made us coders, writers, and possibly scammers. Long live the magic and fun of Neopets

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