NASA Offers Advice to Save Tony Stark in AVENGERS: ENDGAME

Despite the somber opening to the first Avengers: Endgame trailer with Tony Stark on the verge of death in space without food, water, or air, we’re confident someone will find him before he drifts away forever. The most important superhero in the MCU can’t say goodbye in such a depressing, quiet fashion. That’s why we already came up with the list of the most likely candidates to rescue Iron Man. But somehow we forgot all about one of the best sources who could aid Earth’s mightiest heroes in finding him, a group that knows a little something about how to bring their people back from the stars: NASA. They’re on the case and have offered tips on how to find and save Iron Man.

Without any word from Tony, the space agency recommends scanning the cosmos to find him. The problem for Tony is that, at best, there’s only a 50/50 chance he’s even out there to find. Not only could he have died when New York was attacked and he disappeared, he might not have survived The Snap. Plus, there are only half as many trained professionals around to work those machines, and who knows if they are motivated to look for someone who is most likely dead or dusted?Marvel isn’t giving up hope though.

This fun exchange wasn’t the best thing to come out of this. This bit of amazing Marvel/NASA crossover was:

Any chance NASA has secretly been looking for the Bifrost, too? They should still find Tony first, but then they should really get on that.

Featured Image: Marvel

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