See Nancy Cartwright Voice All Her SIMPSONS Characters

Few people will ever voice an iconic television character. It doesn’t matter how talented a performer might be. Not many animated figures ever become true legends. Which is why it’s incredible Nancy Cartwright has brought more than just one all-time great cartoon to life. She is the voice of Bart Simpson, which is a giant claim to fame on its own. She is also the person behind Nelson Muntz, Ralph Wiggum, and more beloved characters on The Simpsons. But listing her characters doesn’t really convey just how skilled Cartwright is. Watching her seamlessly play all of her characters from The Simpsons in less than 40 seconds sure does. And ay, caramba is it fun to watch.

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Cartwright showed how she makes “a living” by voicing all of her characters from the long running animated series in a short video (which we first saw at Digg). While Bart is unquestionably her most famous and most important part, her gallery of nearly all school-aged boy figures also includes Nelson, Ralph, Data Base, Todd Flanders, and oversized bully Kearney Zzyzwicz.

She also voices/provides the gurgles for Maggie Simpson. Cartwright and Dan Castellaneta—who voices Homer and Grandpa—are the only two cast members who voice multiple members of the immediate Simpson family.

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This video obviously highlights off Nancy Cartwright’s immense talents. Without missing a beat—or an inflection point—she can move from one character to the other with apparent ease. And they are all distinct. But there’s nothing simple about what she does. And that’s a big reason The Simpsons is a legendary show made up of legendary characters. It boasts an incredible main cast that has spent decades creating an entire city of memorable, iconic figures. All of its stars have brought to life numerous characters who are all-time great TV characters.

That’s likely to be a legacy no other show will ever be able to match.

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