Name Your Nerdy Newborn with NAMING YOUR LITTLE GEEK

If just choosing a name for your new Dungeons & Dragons character takes longer than filling out the character sheet, we are right there with you. Naming the nerdy newborn you’re preparing for? Talk about pressure! Luckily Naming Your Little Geek is here to help. With over 1,000 nerdy names from pop culture to read through and consider, you’re certain to find the one that feels right for you and your growing family.

Naming Your Little Geek


Written by Scott Rubin, this unique baby naming book covers the geeky gamut from video games and role-playing games to Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Some names are obvious homages to pop culture, like Clark, Frodo, and Zelda, while others are more subtle nods to beloved fandoms. We love that Naming Your Little Geek also emphasizes that names don’t have to fall under the specific category “boy” or “girl.” Each entry includes the meaning and origin of each name, whether it’s from the real world or a fictional one.

Too many amazing choices from Naming Your Little Geek and you still can’t choose? Here’s a tip for new parents-to-be: throw open the front door and yell the name outside, calling for them to come home for dinner. Does the name roll off the tongue? Or maybe it doesn’t feel quite right? Either way, you and your partner will know immediately if the nerdy name is the right one for your family.

Naming Your Little Geek takes some of the stress away from naming the newest addition to your family, whether it’s a new baby, puppy, kitty, or Skyrim character joining your ranks. The helpful book is available now at a retail price of $19.99 at online and local bookstores near you.

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