MY NEIGHBOR TOTORO Food Box Delivers Tasty Collectibles

With so many food delivery services, it’s not always easy to know which one is best for you. Unless you’re a Studio Ghibli fan living in Japan. Then you’ll know exactly which one to get. It won’t fill you with food though. It will fill your home with adorable collectibles from My Neighbor Totoro. And the only thing that could make this box better was if it arrived at your house on a Catbus.

An open box full of fruits, vegetables, and collectibles from My Neighbor Totoro PR Times

Earlier this summer the Studio Ghibli chain shop Donguri Republic began selling a My Neighbor Totoro Yaoyasan Series produce box on its online shop. The pack (which we first learned about at SoraNews24) is based on a question fans of the movie will love. (We know because we are and we do.) “What if Mei were playing make-believe greengrocer with the fresh fruits and vegetables that Kanta’s grandmother grew?”

The answer to that wonderful “what if” is a box delightful food-themes toys and items celebrating the classic film. That includes six figurines of Chibi Totoro. The white figures hide and play among replica produce. One of them is also hiding from would-be buyers’ eyes. You’ll only find out what it is when you get the box.

Five little replica food items with a white Totoro hiding and playing with themPR Times

You can also get a series of other items featuring Totoro and a produce motif. That includes a large My Neighbor Totoro and Oyasan Series Corn Eco Bag. When you’re not using it as a bag it rolls up to resemble an ear of corn. Fans hungry for all the merch they can get will also be able to order a small fuzzy pouch, a large hand pouch, an eyeglass case, a watermelon hairband, and a watermelon keychain.  And the whole thing comes in a box that looks like a real vegetable cardboard package.

It’s only fitting a Studio Ghibli film is getting a food service-style collectible. Now we just need a real Catbus to bring it to us.

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