Mustard Ice Cream Now Exists and You Can Make it Yourself

After Ed Sheeran-inspired ketchup and mayonnaise-flavored ice cream, this latest “dessert” seems like it was inevitable. But that doesn’t mean we have to be happy about it, and we certainly don’t have to condone it. Like its two unholy condiment brethren before it, this latest weird flavored ice cream doesn’t scream appetizing “sweet” treat on a hot summer day. Or on any other day. French’s has created mustard ice cream, an ice cream that is made with and tastes just like mustard. Yas, mustard, the yellow stuff you put on hot dogs, deli sandwiches, and deviled eggs. The really “good news,” though? If you can’t get ahold of some, they have provided a recipe to make it yourself.

Ahead of National Mustard Day on August 3, French’s has created this unsettling foodstuff that they are making available in select locations. From August 1-3, New Yorkers can visit French’s Mustard Ice Cream truck on:

August 1: W 49th Street between 5th & 6th Avenues, NW corner of W. 57th and 8th Ave
August 2: Madison Square Park, Brooklyn Heights (DUMBO)
August 3: The Hamptons, Main Street Hamptons, East Hampton Main Beach on Ocean Ave)

Don’t you folks on the West Coast think you are free of this travesty being left out. Coolhaus Ice Cream‘s location in Culver City, CA will have this mustard monstrosity in store August 2-4 and also from August 9-11.

Mustard Ice Cream Now Exists and You Can Make it Yourself_1

So how is it? French’s says that while this “limited-run flavor might sound crazy, it doesn’t just taste good, it tastes damn good.” Alex Zalben at Decider agrees.

Yeeeeeeah we’re still skeptical, but we can all find out for ourselves if we want. French’s provided a recipe (with accompanying video) for how to make it yourself. Hmm mmm! Homemade mustard ice cream! Just like grandma used to make before the nice people took her away to live in a new “home.”

If you think that looks good (Really!? WHY?), wait ’til you see Oscar Meyer’s response. We literally can’t tell if it’s a joke or not.

Ketchup. Mayo. Mustard. Those should never have become ice creams.

So when do you think we can expect relish ice cream?

Images: French’s

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