Mayonnaise Ice Cream Is Real and It’s Definitely Something

There’s something strange going on in Scotland.

More specifically, at artisanal  ice cream parlor ICE Falkirk, where they’re always trying new things with ice cream and pushing frozen dairy desserts to their limits. Now there’s a new flavor in town, and it’s drawing a mixed reaction from the world: Mayonnaise ice cream (via Geekologie).

ICE first posted a photo of their creation on Instagram a couple on July 18, with the caption, “Who knows a mayo addict?” Mayo is a wonderful condiment that adds great texture and flavor to whatever you slather it on… but can it really work cold, frozen, and creamy?

ICE owner Kyle Gentleman describes the ice cream as “full on hit of fat and cream followed with an eggy milky aftertaste… yum!” Although the initial reaction might be to be grossed out by mayo ice cream, some folks on the internet are willing to give it a chance. One Twitter user wrote, “Mayonnaise as an oil substitute makes cakes moist and creamy, so why couldn’t it work in ice cream?”

Another said, “It probably won’t taste that bad? It probably makes the ice cream super creamy and light instead of tasting like mayonnaise? I have a chocolate cake recipe with mayo in and it makes the cake super moist and brings out the chocolate flavor!” British celebrity chef Simon Rimmer even responded to the latter tweet, writing, “Makes sense – sour cream would work too.”

Would you give mayo ice cream a taste? Let us know what you think down in the comments!

Featured image: Mike Mozart/Flickr

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