Twitter’s Best Reactions to Mr. Peanut’s Death

Sad news from the world of snacks. Mr. Peanut, the iconic mascot of Planters for the last 104 years, is dead. He sacrificed himself to save the lives of Wesley Snipes and Matt Walsh after the NUTmobile crashed off the side of a cliff. Best known for his top hat, monocle, and cane, Mr. Peanut’s funeral will be held during this year’s Super Bowl. He is survived by millions of people who just wanted something to nosh on.

No, seriously, all of that is true. Mr. Peanut fell to his death in a new commercial.


This ad is set to air before the Super Bowl on February 2. A followup promo showing his funeral will then be shown during the third quarter. Will that be when we find out he’s actually alive? PROBABLY. The Bud Light Knight got killed by the freaking Mountain and he came back.

Until then though, this tragic/ridiculous occurrence has led to an outpouring of grief from the #brand community.

Oh the irony of tears tasting like lightly salted nuts!

But as they say, tragedy plus time equals comedy. And it took three seconds for people to find the humor in Mr. Peanut’s death. (It only took about five seconds for the conspiracies to start.)

But what if the real Mr. Peanut didn’t die…. because he was already dead?

Well, whoever you were, rest in peace, Mr. Peanut. At least until you come back.

Featured Image: Planters

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