These Moving Optical Illusions Are Whoa-Inspiring

Social media influencer coxy.official recently posted some moving optical illusions, and they are magical. The illusions, made with only paper and pen, work so well they literally figuratively leap off the page. There are simple DIY versions of the illusions as well, for those who want to inspire Keanu Reeves-level whoas on their own.

Laughing Squid picked up on coxy’s moving illusions, which he posted to his various social media accounts. For those unfamiliar with coxy, he’s mainly a TikToker. And has an apparent penchant for creating all kinds of illusions. What he and his friends can do with an invisibility cloak, for example, is especially impressive.

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The above Caters Clips video shows off a handful of coxy’s moving illusions. And each one is better than the last. Just kidding, the one with the cat is the best, but they’re all still pretty impressive. In fact, they work so well as animations they even occasionally give the appearance of being 3D. (Incidentally, we should’ve probably supplied you with some kind of headache warning earlier.)

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For those wondering how the illusion works, the Circle Line Art School offers a succinct explainer. As Art School notes, the illusion works by only allowing a viewer to see one in four lines at any given time. This, in turn, means that each fourth line is part of the same image as the next fourth line. As the plastic with black lines is pulled across the static illustration, a viewer sees separate, complete images in quick succession. Below is a (relatively) simple DIY Pac-Man drawing from Art School you can try on your own.

What do you think about coxy.official’s moving illustrations? Are you ready to make a DIY version, or are you still trying to figure out how this sorcery works? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

Feature image: Design Milk 

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