World’s Largest PAC-MAN Game Sports Whopping 108″ Screen

What could possibly be better than a night out in a dimly lit arcade with soda (or Snape-Ricot beer), pizza, and friends? How about a night out with all of that goodness plus THE WORLD’S LARGEST PAC-MAN GAME. (Yes, caps are required when talking about mondo Pakkuman.)

If you’re a human living on planet Earth with access to any kind of electronic gaming device, it’s just about guaranteed that you’ve already experienced the visceral pleasure of munching down pac-dots and the clenching thrill of narrowly avoiding Blinky, Pinky, Inky and Clyde. But what you probably haven’t experienced is Pac-Man on a stupidly large 108″ display that essentially immerses you in the classic arcade game.Although the award for coolest giant Pac-Man game still probably has to go to that real-life version that appeared in DTLA last year, this giant Pac-Man game, which was posted by YouTube channel Inside the Magic, is the one that belongs in a proper home arcade.

The video above shows the game in action at the 2016 IAAPA Expo, and it’s clear that once players stand in front of the mega screen, all of their faces are belong to Pac-Man. The video below, posted by  Bandai Namco, shows off the game’s specs in a bit more depth (and also tries to sell you on the glories of purchasing a giant Pac-Man machine):

What do you think about the world’s largest Pac-Man game? Are you itching to stand in front of a 108″ screen and gobble dots until your eyes bleed? Let us know in the comments below!

Images: Inside the Magic

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