Motimaru Is Officially the Most Watched Cat on YouTube

Big congratulations are in order for Motimaru the cat, a world record holder. The adorable Scottish Fold is officially the most-watched cat on YouTube. It’s not just Motimaru and his human saying so. It’s the folks from Guinness World Records themselves. To make matters even more exciting, Motimaru reached this monumental achievement before his second birthday. Talk about a wunderkind!

If you’re unfamiliar with the world-recording-holding cat, just take the briefest glimpse at the video of him receiving his certification from Guinness World Records, which we first saw at SoraNews24For 20 seconds, Motimaru just lays there on the floor–flopped on his back, no less—no stress, just vibing. Sure, he moves on to receive his very prestigious most-watched cat award, but I firmly believe the opening seconds fully embody what makes Motimaru so special. Well, that and he is probably one of the most adorable cats on the internet. And one can only hope he embarks on a 2022 world tour to celebrate his achievement.

The cat, who hails from Japan, was officially verified as the record-holder on August 12, 2021, at 619,586,260 views. However, as of this writing, the video of Motimaru opening the certificate and the three subsequent videos on its verified page, have clocked in just under four million views. So suffice to say his numbers have easily gone up.

Motimaru the cat next to Guinness World Records certificate

motimaru’s diary

The channel, called motimaru’s diary, launched in December 2019, just a few months after the cat’s birth. The first video features a tiny little Motimaru arriving home and getting the lay of his new castle.

However, while this YouTube cat is the aforementioned cutest thing on the planet, he’s also so full of personality. Such as the time Motimaru’s owner got a haircut and the cat was unconvinced as to whether he knew the stranger walking through the door. We have to stan a cat with a good sense of stranger danger.

Congrats on the big win, Motimaru. You deserve it and we cannot wait for your next world record.

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