Experts Make Most Realistic Lightsaber Fight Ever

The lightsaber is one of the most iconic weapons in cinema history. For over forty years, whenever a Jedi or a Sith ignites their laser sword, we get a little bit of a thrill. Especially whenever we hear that iconic sound. But after eleven Star Wars movies, is it possible that the lightsaber concept has fallen into a bit of a rut?

Via Digg, we’ve come across a new video from VFX experts the Corridor Crew. And together with a legit swordplay expert, they think that the current lightsaber, and lightsaber fight, may be due for a reinvention. And both Corridor Crew and their sword expert make an excellent case as to why. You can watch their video right here and see if they convince you.

The folks at Corridor Crew are all professional effects creators. And so they know a thing or two about the subject at hand. In fact, in a video a few months back, they explained the evolution of lightsabers since A New Hope. The changes they make to the traditional presentation are all rather subtle. But still noticeable to any hardcore fan. Since the pandemic began, Corridor Crew has mostly been making reaction videos. But this newest lightsaber fight is their first narrative film in almost two years. And it was worth the wait.

Reimagined effects for lightsabers from Corridor Crew.

The Corridor Crew 

One of the changes made was to amp up the “fire” element. Rather than having them just hum and flicker, the idea here is to see lightsabers as jets of fire coming from the hilt. We think it looks very much like a “proto-saber.” Maybe something the Jedi would have used in the days of the Old Republic? If Lucasfilm ever makes a Knights of the Old Republic series, they would be wise to take some inspiration here. These folks know what they’re talking about.

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