MOONFALL’s Opening Scene Recreated Entirely in LEGO

Steven Spielberg could be releasing a movie in 2022, one scored by John Williams, about why I’m amazing and it wouldn’t be my most anticipated film of the year. That title belongs to Moonfall. It’s writer-director Roland Emmerich’s upcoming sci-fi action yarn about the literal Moon attacking Earth. A film that features both an actual Oscar-winner in Halle Berry and anti-lunar graffiti spray painted on the side of a spaceship. What else do you even need in life let alone a movie? Nothing, I thought. But I was wrong. Because there’s already another way to enjoy this film before it even hits theaters. An animator recreated an entire scene from the Moonfall out of LEGO. And we have your exclusive first look at this wonderfully absurd plastic-brick perfection.

This LEGO-fied video comes from Augustus Danko of OnBeatMan Animation Studios. It’s a shot-for-shot remake of a sequence from Moonfall‘s opening scene. The horrifying moment begins with an otherwise normal space walk. As two astronauts, including Patrick Wilson’s Brian Harper, work on the outside of the craft. They’re enjoying some friendly banter while rocking out to Toto’s “Africa.” Meanwhile, Halle Berry’s Jo Fowler is guiding the space walk from inside. She’s admiring the breathtaking view when chaos hits. The ship’s lights begin to flicker before a swarm of unidentified black objects attack.

Ultimately the swarm takes away the “rookie,” leaving Harper and Fowler behind. Who or what attacked? And why? They don’t have any answers. They’ll have to…ahem…piece it together when the film comes to theaters on February 4.

An astronaut's helmet reflects an alien swarm coming at him in a LEGO recreation of Moonfall
Augustus Danko

You can see the actual sequence here. Back in December, Lionsgate released the opening five minutes of the film where this moment takes place. It highlights just how accurate this LEGO recreation really is.

You might also remember Danko from his LEGO Top Gun: Maverick trailer. That’s another film I can’t wait to see in 2022. But despite having its own incredible LEGO version, unless the literal, actual, honest-to-goodness Moon attacks Tom Cruise it still won’t usurp Moonfall as my most anticipated movie of this year.

But for the record, I would like to see a LEGO movie about why I’m so amazing.

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