MOON GIRL AND DEVIL DINOSAUR First Look Clip Shows a Hilariously Unsure Hero

Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur is the adorable Marvel story that we all need for a spark of joy. It follows a girl named Lunella whose life changes when her invention causes a big red dino to tumble into her life. (If you aren’t familiar with the comic, check out our explainer about why this show is important.) We have known the show is coming to Disney+ in animated form for a while now. And, after getting the tiniest teaser, we now have our first peek at Lunella Lafayette—the smartest person in the Marvel universe—on the case, thanks to the show’s San Diego Comic-Con panel. The Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur first look clip is a true delight that will help to usher in yet another generation of Marvel fans. 

She’s not quite Moon Girl yet, even though her cool skating-inspired costume is already in effect. And she’s brought her bestie Casey along to thwart some bad guys. Hilariously, those guys call Lunella out for not having a superhero name, saying that no one will take her seriously if she does.

photo of Moon Girl on Devil Dinosaur's tail as thieves run away

Marvel Studios

I mean… they aren’t wrong. And it is probably hard enough to be taken seriously as a kid anyway, right? However, in the Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur clip, Lunella tells them that she has a friend who will scare them. It’s her big red dinosaur. But he’s not ready to terrify anyone right now. Nope. Our precious dinosaur is eating trash and ready for playtime. So much for scaring bad guys. But that’s okay, we love him anyway. Not everything is about how scary you can be.

The show will be packed with some famous guest voices, including Daveed Diggs, Maya Hawke, Jennifer Hudson, and Wesley Snipes. Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur will make its way to Disney+ sometime in 2023.

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