MONSTER HUNTER Getting the POKÉMON GO Treatment From Niantic

Pokémon Go‘s developer Niantic has long sought to recreate the success of its hit virtual/augmented reality walking game. But so far, nothing has resonated quite as much as the pocket monsters. Next up for the mobile-game treatment is another fan-favorite game, Monster Hunter. And even though Pokémon are technically monsters you are hunting, this new version of the game brings a little more ferocity into your strolls. Take a look at the teaser for Monster Hunter Now.

In spirit, this Monster Hunter game will work a lot like Pokémon Go. Monster Hunter‘s monsters will appear all around you on an augmented reality map, and you’ll have to battle them. However, per IGN, the battles themselves will be more involved than in Pokémon Go. The mobile game will reflect the way the console game works but in a more simplified way. Each game will last no longer than 75 seconds. You are on the go, after all! Don’t worry though, your Palico companion will accompany you. 

Monster Hunter Now is a Pokemon Go like Mobile Game from Niantic - includes Palico

There’s also an interesting dynamic in Monster Hunter Now that will allow you to work together with your friends. Pokémon Go is a very communal game, but also a very isolated one, on the other hand. Maybe some of Monster Hunter Now‘s dynamics will inspire evolutions in the O.G. The paintball dynamic, which allows players to tag monsters to challenge later, also sounds very interesting.

Monster Hunter Now will arrive in September 2023, but you can sign up to take part in a closed Beta test.

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