Monk Covers Classic Rock Songs as Peaceful Jams

A monk with the online moniker kossan1108 has just released a cover of the Beatles’ song “Yellow Submarine,” and it is hardcore zen. Kossan’s cover of the classic song not only delivers equal doses of ’60s rock and literal Buddhist vibes, but also a long, much-needed moment of peace. ‘Cause as of right now, we all live in a mellow quarantine

kossan’s cover of the Beatles’ “Yellow Submarine.” 

Laughing Squid picked up on kossan’s cover of “Yellow Submarine,” which the monk recently posted to his YouTube channel. Unfortunately, kossan didn’t provide any context for the video, although it’s apparent he loves to cover rock songs in general. In other videos, for example, kossan has covered the Ramones’ “Teenage Lobotomy,” as well as Queen’s “We Will Rock You.” (Incidentally, below the latter song’s cover video, kossan wrote, “Brian, I need your solo!”)

kossan’s cover of Queen’s “We Will Rock You.” 

Kossan has also made numerous videos featuring him playing traditional Buddhist music, many of which feature him playing what appears to be some version of a dramyin. You can check him out playing some far gentler Buddhist jams in front of a tranquil cityscape in the video below.

kossan playing some type of dramyin. 

Moving forward, it would be great to hear kossan cover some more contemporary tracks; a cover of a hip hop song sounds especially intriguing. Or, if the universe wills it, maybe kossan could team up with these kung fu nuns for a music video of Carl Douglas’ “Kung Fu Fighting.”

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What do you think about kossan1108’s covers of classic rock songs? Do these Buddhist monk covers zen you out in just the right way, or would you prefer to keep classic rock as pure as the Dalai Lama’s conscience? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

Feature image: Kossan1108

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