Mondo Launches a New Line of Marvel Mecha Toys

The good folks at Mondo are always upping the game. And this time, they might have outdone themselves. The company—known for its pop-culture-centric limited-edition posters, vinyl soundtracks, apparel, and collectibles—just launched Marvel Mecha, The collaboration with Marvel combines Manga and Japanese Mecha designs from the ’80s and ’90s with iconic comics characters. First up? Spider-Man.

Mondo's Marvel Mecha Spider-Man figures posed in front of their accompanying manga comics.Mondo

Mondo spent three years developing the Marvel Mecha toy line. Spider-Man is the first in a planned rollout that will also include Black Panther and Captain America. If you’ve ever wondered what Spider-Man might look like as a 100-foot-tall mecha, now you know. This incredible replica has intricate details and a hefty dose of imagination. We can’t wait to get ahold of one of these figures!

Mondo's Marvel Mecha Spider-Man in red and blue costume bathed in red light.Mondo

“The Marvel Mecha line of collectibles began with a question, ‘how cool would it be to see Peter Parker pilot a 100-foot robot and fight giant monsters?!” Hector Arce and Michael Bonanno, Mondo Creative Directors of Toys & Collectibles, said in a press release. “We were able to let our imaginations run wild building a mythology around a world where our favorite Marvel heroes could exist as mecha.”

Mondo's Marvel Mecha Spider-Man figure in red and blue with a web shield.Mondo

The first two figures in the Marvel Mecha series are a traditional red-and-blue Spider-Man and a black-costume variant. Additionally, Mondo’s Tim Wiesh developed stories for these Marvel Mecha, and wrote original Mangas that accompany each figure. Remy Paul designed the toys, and Jay Kushwara sculpted them.

Mondo's Marvel Mecha Spider-Man figure in black costume bathed in green light.Mondo

Both Spider-Man figures are available for pre-order on Mondo’s official website. The red-and-blue version is $160, and the black symbiote is $170. They stand at 10-inches and come with accessories like web shields, web attacks, and swords.

Mondo's Marvel Mecha black costume figure posted for battle.Mondo

Leave it to Mondo to craft something so original and beautifully rendered. These figures are exactly what we never knew we always needed. We can’t wait to see the Black Panther and Captain America figures, too. Hopefully many more characters join the Marvel Mecha toy line down the road.

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