THE MANDALORIAN Soundtrack Gets a Gorgeous Vinyl Release

We’re still waiting on a season two trailer for The Mandalorian, and while it’s not here yet, we do have some Mando goodness to celebrate. Mondo has teamed up with Walt Disney Records to release a vinyl record box set featuring Ludwig Göransson’s complete season one soundtrack. And if you didn’t know: the track list is extensive. Each of the eight episodes is getting its own vinyl in a cover with striking artwork by Paul Mann. I’m tempted to buy the set for the art alone. Note that half the vinyl covers include the cutest toddler ever: the Child, a.k.a. Baby Yoda.

The Mandalorian season one soundtrack vinyl boxset


This vinyl box set is a limited edition, one time pressing on 180 gram vinyl discs. Besides that beautiful original artwork on the covers, the whole thing comes in slipcase decorated with the mudhorn signet. It’s a fitting release for Göransson’s haunting and inventive score. In a press release, Mo Shafeek, Mondo Creative Director of Music at Mondo said: “His score for The Mandalorian is similarly masterful in its ability to be wildly experimental while never feeling out of place—like a synth spaghetti western score that feels inspired in equal parts to Ennio Morricone, John Williams and Hans Zimmer, while also never feeling like a pastiche. We are honored to be the home for this complete score.”

And he’s right. Göransson’s work on the Star Wars series is unique. I haven’t listened to anything quite like it. And I’m sure listening to the score on vinyl is a whole other experience. View all of Mann’s gorgeous art for this box set in the gallery below.

The only thing this soundtrack set doesn’t have is a recorder. Then again, unless you’re Göransson, no one wants to hear you play that often abrasive instrument. The soundtrack will be available for pre-order on Wednesday, August 26 at Mondo’s only releasing 3,500 units so set a reminder now. This is the way.

Featured Image: Mondo

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