Mondo Conjures Sorcerer Mickey Mouse for FANTASIA Tiki Mug

Sometimes, when you’re feeling less than magical, you want to kick back with your favorite elixir and imagine all of your responsibilities at work taking care of themselves. That’s just a fancy way of saying sometimes you want to have a drink while daydreaming about being the sorcerer, and not merely his apprentice. But oh boy! Now you can combine enjoying your favorite beverage with an actual fantasy, thanks to Mondo’s new oversized Scorcerer Mickey Mouse Tiki Mug.

Mondo Conjures Sorcerer Mickey Mouse for FANTASIA Tiki Mug_1

Clad in his iconic red robe and blue sorcerer’s hat that he wore in the classic 1940 animated film, this limited edition ceramic mug weighs three pounds, stands 11.5 inches tall, and has a multi-color glaze coating. At that size it can hold a whole lot of your favorite beverage in the opening at the back of Mickey’s hat. Fill yours with 22 ounces of potions, fruit punch, piña colada, or anything that will make you think your cleaning utensils can handle themselves.

Designed by artists Tom “Thor” Thordarson, Mike Bonanno, Tufan Sezer, and Tiki Farm, each mug, which includes a  “working” mop carrying two buckets and clinging to Mickey’s back, is handmade, making each one unique. (Yours might look slightly different than the one shown on the site.) They are exclusively available at Mondo starting on July 26, “pending licensor approval,” but only for a limited time, until July 26. And unfortunately they only ship to the U.S. and Canada.

Mondo Conjures Sorcerer Mickey Mouse for FANTASIA Tiki Mug_2

You will probably not be able to afford one on an apprentice’s salary either. Each mug will run you $80, though if you empty it enough times you’ll be too concerned with a hangover to worry about your your wallet. But we highly recommend you keep your tiki mug far away from your place of business. If Fantastia taught us anything it’s that nothing good happens when you combine Mickey Mouse, magical elixirs, and ignoring your boss.

Images: Mondo

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