Mondo Unveils Eerie A24 Posters for HEREDITARY, SACRED DEER

It’s exceedingly rare in the movie world for a production company or distributor to have an identity so singular as to feel give off a vibe just from the logo screen. In its 10-year history, A24 has become that kind of brand. You know the kinds of movies you’re going to get from them just by virtue of the movies being A24 movies. Their movies tend to be dark, thoughtful, original, and more than a little weird. In a good way! To celebrate, Mondo has teamed with THE VACVVM, a prestigious collective of world-class illustrators and fine artists from all over the world, for a series of A24-inspired prints.

Throughout the month of March, Mondo unveils two prints from THE VACVVM’s artists representing a different favorite A24 film. Nerdist is proud to debut this week’s offering, both of which will be available at MondoShop on Thursday, March 17.

Richey Beckett's art for Mondo's print of A24's Hereditary shows vines growing out of a casket, leading up to a crown.
Mondo/Richey Beckett

Up first is Richey Beckett’s art for Ari Aster’s devastating horror movie Hereditary. It’s possibly the movie scared me the most of any movie in the past decade. So good, august company. The poster weaves some of the movie’s most fascinating imagery; a casket with vines and shrouds coming out, while the vine grows up to the sky and a crown for the demon Paimon. Frightening. You can also see a little bird in the casket, which is… also relevant.

The second poster is Vanessa Foley’s haunting artwork for Yorgos Lanthimos’ The Killing of a Sacred Deer. The slow-burn horror-thriller has an absolute star-making performance by Barry Koeghan and you can absolutely see why he’s a wonderful choice for Matt Reeves’ “Unseen Arkham Inmate.” The print has a gorgeous picture of a deer with a glowing heart above its head. Not ominous at all, we assure you.

The Mondo poster for Vanessa Foley's art for A24's Killing of a Sacred Deer showing a deer with a bright glowing heart above its head.
Mondo/Vanessa Foley

This is a monthlong celebration of A24, and there are already two prints available from last week. Mike Sutfin’s print for Jeremy Saulnier’s Green Room and Joao Ruas’ art for Jonathan Glazer’s Under the Skin. Check those out below.

Mondo and The Vacvvum's prints for A24 movies Under the Skin and Green Room.
Mondo/Joao Ruas/Mike Sutfin

And you’ll also have two more weeks of movie prints on the way, unveiled each week. Still ahead are:

  • Ex Machina by Ken Taylor (3/24)
  • First Reformed by Randy Ortiz (3/24)
  • The Witch by Jessica Seamans (3/31)
  • The Lighthouse by Nicolas Delort (3/31)

Pretty excellent lineup all around. You can check out the whole thing at MondoShop.

Kyle Anderson is the Senior Editor for Nerdist. You can find his film and TV reviews here. Follow him on Twitter!

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