Modern English Performs “I Melt With You” In Quarantine

An unexpected aspect of quarantining is having time to “hang out” with friends we don’t always get to see. Being stuck at home is a lot easier in the 21st century than any previous period in history. Thanks to the internet, we can virtually visit with loved ones anywhere in the world. And since we’re all stuck indoors it’s a lot easier to coordinate schedules. But social distancing has also allowed us to check in with people we don’t actually know but still love. Many musicians have given virtual performances to help us all get through this difficult time. It’s how we were all able to enjoy a Backstreet Boys concert together. Now Modern English has busted out their instruments for a fantastic rendition of their iconic hit “I Melt With You.”

And it’s so good it makes us forget the world actually has stopped.

The English New Wave rockers virtually came together for a rousing rendition of their iconic 1982 hit “I Melt With You” (which we first came across at Laughing Squid), from the band’s second album, After the Snow. It has been a radio staple in the U.S. ever since.

The performance was “hosted” by  Rolling Stone. Lead singer Robbie Grey explained the band’s motivation for the virtual mini concert. “We were all at our homes in the U.K. apart from [guitarist] Daniel [Jakubovic] who was in Los Angeles.” Grey added, “We decided to film ‘I Melt With You’ to put a smile on people’s faces. We are aware of how much the song is loved and just thought a lockdown version would make people happy in these crazy times.”

Modern English Rocks With Quarantine Modern English

And they were right. This does make us happy. Virtual hangouts and concerts are one part of quarantine that isn’t terrible about the world coming to a stop.

Now hopefully the human race will save itself and everything will start getting better all the time.

Featured Image: Modern English

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