MINECRAFT Pringles Is the Latest Game/Food Mash-up

There have been some weird video game/food product crossovers over the years. We live in a world where there were once Dragon Quest slime pork buns after all. And does anyone remember the Metal Gear energy drink? Going even further back in time, there was Pac-Man Pasta. But today, we’re bringing you news of a game/food cross-promotion that you may actually want to eat. Via PRNewswire, we’ve learned that Pringles is coming out with a special Minecraft edition. You can see what the new Minecraft Pringles can looks like down below.

A can of Minecraft Pringles, showcasing the Suspicious Stew.

This brand new Pringles meets Minecraft flavor collaboration brings the in-game suspicious stew ingredients into reality. For those unfamiliar with Minecraft out there, suspicious stew is a virtual in-game edible item that provides players with a status effect. Things like Jump Boost, Night Vision, among others. Each effect depends on the flower used to craft it. Actually, flowers and mushrooms make up the stew ingredients. But are these actual mushroom-flavored potato chips? After all, mushrooms and cream Pringles already exist, so anything is possible.

According to the folks at Kellogg’s, the new Minecraft Pringles results in “a burst of rich, hearty, and savory flavor.” Believe it or not, this is not the first Minecraft food item that has come from the folks at the Kellogg’s company. Not all that long ago, there was an actual Minecraft Creeper Crunch breakfast cereal. And there’s even been Minecraft ice cream. But Pringles makes the most sense, if only because they’re stacked in those darn cans like, well, actual bricks.

Even more enticing to all Minecraft devotees looking to get these Pringles, starting now until July 31, when anyone purchases a Pringles can or other participating Kellogg’s products, they can upload their receipts to their website. Once they do that, they’ll receive 350 Minecoins to use in-game. For more information, head on over to KelloggMinecraftPromo.com.

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