Coronavirus Protection Helmet Looks Straight-Up Dystopian

When the world is on fire, both literally and metaphorically, no idea is too strange. Right now we’ve all gotta do what we gotta do to stay safe. But that doesn’t mean a new device meant to protect you doesn’t have a whiff of dystopia to it. Because this new full-head bubble helmet definitely looks a little like a nightmare come to life.

Not because it’s so strange, though. It’s scary because it makes a lot of sense.

New Full-Head Bubble Helmet is a Strange Way to Stay Safe_1MicroClimate

The first product from MicroClimate, founded by Hall Labs, is equal parts intriguing and horrifying. Their AIR helmet is a wearable technology designed to keep you completely safe without cutting you off from the rest of mankind. The brainchild of Michael Hall, the headgear’s primarily designed for travel, so you can ride on a plane, train, or Uber without worrying about getting sick or making others ill.

The AIR, which looks like a transparent version of Daft Punk‘s helmets, comes with its own ventilation system. The acrylic visor helmet “filters both inlet air and outlet air through HEPA filters that are in front of and behind our fans.” Those internal fans keeps germs out and pushes air to the back where it’s expelled. That also stops the mask from fogging up. In a video Hall says the only thing a wearer feels is a little breeze at the back of their head.

MicroClimate also designed the waterproof helmet to be comfortable. It’s big enough so its wearer can also have glasses on without interference. And it can accommodate airpods. It also features removable, washable, lightweight fabric both inside and around the neck. But the material is strong enough that the protective seal formed around the neck won’t easily break.

The AIR, which also comes with a carrying case, has up to four-plus hours of battery life. But it can also be worn while charging via a USB-C cable.

New Full-Head Bubble Helmet is a Strange Way to Stay Safe_2MicroClimate

It’s currently available in white, but a black version is coming. The AIR ($199) begins shipping soon.

And we….we kind of want one. But we definitely don’t. And we’re not the only ones who don’t know how to feel about this.

When you’re living in a dystopian reality, you do what you have to do to survive. We’d just prefer this bubble helmet didn’t make so much sense.

Featured Image: MicroClimate

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