Fires in Oregon Turning Skies Apocalyptic Red and Orange

Wildfires have been surging across Oregon, with terrible blazes growing in at least seven of the state’s counties. But while the fires themselves are horrific, the effect they’re having on the local atmosphere is otherworldly. Below is a collection of some of the most striking images and videos taken of the strange landscape. And remember this is Oregon in 2020, not Los Angeles in 2049….

The above video was posted by KGW 8 News Reporter Christine Pitawanich on September 8. In the video, Pitawanich notes the “glow in the sky,” which has turned Downtown Stayton into a blood-red nightmare. The strange, red hue is a result of the way smoke particles in the air scatter sunlight.

Below is another glimpse of the demonic landscape, also captured on September 8. The image, posted by Twitter user, Ref. Odie Brown, shows a UPS truck bathed in a red glow even Hellboy would find a little spooky.

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Both Pitawanich’s video and Brown’s image were taken around noon.

Oregon’s Department of Transportation ( ODOT) has also snapped some surreal images. Below, ODOT shows the Capitol Mall in Salem pressed against a yellow-orange sky.

The wildfires in Oregon have turned the skies blood red.


Unfortunately, the raging fires show little sign of abating at this point. A combination of conditions, including some of the driest weather in decades as well as harsh winds, has made it difficult for firefighters to battle the blazes.

“You combine that series of conditions and you have a supreme alignment for destructive fires,” Oregon Department of Forestry’s Chief of Fire Protections, Doug Grafe, said in an OPB report that comes via BoingBoing. “[There’s] absolutely no context for this environment,” Grafe added.

What do you think about these surreal images of the wildfire skies in Oregon? Do any of these images bring to mind a particular dystopian scene for you? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Feature image: OregonDOT

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