Chart Shows Which MCU Characters Have Killed the Most

Although the common perception is that the DCEU‘s superheroes are the ultra violent ones that are more inclined toward resorting to killing, one fan has proved that the lighter, quippier heroes of the Marvel Cinematic Universe are just as prone toward capital punishment. Thanks to the folks at Polygon, we’ve learned of a Redditor going by the name Tom95, who created a chart that spells out each major MCU hero and villain’s kill count, and which characters killed whom over the course of the 20 films thus far. Although some of the results are not surprising—that Thanos guy has a particularly long kill list as of recently—some are very much a shock.

To see the entire MCU kill chart, be sure to click here.

It turns out that Spider-Man, in his three MCU movie appearances so far, has managed to not kill anyone, maintaining his status as one of the more upright heroes in that universe. But would you believe that Pepper Potts has killed more people in these films that Iron Man has? To be fair, it seems that this chart only notes characters with speaking parts who kick the bucket. So Steve Rogers has no kills in Captain America: The First Avenger officially, although there is no way some of those HYDRA agents he threw out of windows during World War II didn’t die. Some goes for the HYDRA goons at the start of Avengers: Age of Ultron. You know some of those guys punched out by the Hulk just didn’t wake up.

Speaking of Hulk, his stats prove that this chart only features on screen deaths. Hulk was fighting for over two years in the Grandmaster’s arena in Ragnarok; there’s no way all those alien wrestlers walked away from that one. As for villains with the most kills, turns out those Asgardians are just the worst. Hela and Loki tie for second place for most kills, as they’ve each killed four people. Although again, doesn’t everyone who died in New York in Avengers count as a Loki kill? Or are we just nitpicking?

What do you make of this MCU kill chart? Is there any that you think they missed? Be sure to let us know in the comments below.

Images: Marvel Studios

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