McDonald’s Boo Buckets Are Back for Halloween

For some Halloween means trick-or-treating, horror movies, and bobbing for apples. For others the spooky season is defined by haunted houses, costume parties, and hay rides. But, for those who will always love Chicken McNuggets more than snack-sized Snickers, Halloween is all about plastic containers you get from a fast food restaurant. That might sound weird, but not if you grew up with McDonald’s iconic Boo Buckets. Those adorable Happy Meal containers were a staple of countless childhood celebrations. Now they’re becoming a staple of adulthood, too. McDonald’s has announced it is once again bringing back Boo Buckets. Only this year the collection includes a fourth option not seen for a very long time.

Four different colored McDonald's Boo Buckets on display together with the Golden Arches behind them

McDonald’s USA Menu Spotter website revealed Boo Buckets are coming back again this year. Starting on October 17, guests hungry for spooky nostalgia can grab one of four new Halloween Happy Meal designs. The 2023 lineup includes: Monster, Skeleton, Mummy and Vampire. The company says its fanged fourth bucket is the first purple option “since the OG purple Boo Bucket.” (The original featured a witch rather than a vampire.)

OG Boo Bucket lovers will also appreciate this year’s set come with lids. That hasn’t always been the case since McDonald’s first introduced them in 1986.

This latest batch of Boo Buckets will be available at participating restaurants nationwide. Don’t wait to grab yours, though. And not just because they’ll only be in stores shortly before Halloween. The fast food chain says, “They’ll be gone faster than you can say ‘boo,’ so head to your local McDonald’s to get a festive pail while supplies last.”

We agree and will definitely be in line on the 17th ourselves. There are millions and millions of other kids who are now adults with jobs, too. It won’t surprise us if these boo Buckets are all sold out by the 18th.

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