Loungefly Teams with McDonald’s for Halloween Bucket-Inspired Bags

The ’80s brought the world many gifts: incredible films, iconic fashion, and McDonald’s Halloween buckets. Nicknamed Boo Buckets, the first McDonald’s Halloween trick-or-treat pails arrived in 1986. The white, green, and orange plastic pails have a place in the annals of nostalgia. Boo Bucket enthusiasts got a treat last year when McDonald’s rereleased the buckets. This time around, though, fans will get the buckets in another form: bags. Loungefly has teamed with McDonald’s to make crossbody bags that look like the iconic trick-or-treat buckets.

McDonald's orange bucket McPunk'n

Loungefly’s McDonald’s Halloween bags come in two colors, green and orange. If you didn’t know, the different Boo Buckets have names. So, the green bag is McGoblin and the orange bag is McPunk’n. These figural bags open from the top just like buckets. They’re made of vegan leather with applique and printed details. On top of looking absolutely adorable, both styles of the McDonald’s Halloween trick-or-treat bucket bags glow in the dark.

McDonald's orange bucket McGoblin

While a number of people have turned their plastic Boo Buckets into makeshift purses, these designs come with more comfort. These bags come lined with a print featuring the original Halloween pail trio. Yes, that means it is too nice and cute to put greasy fries or any other McDonald’s food in. Do not use it as a Happy Meal container. Since McGoblin costs $65 and McPunk’n costs $70, you’re probably likely to respect the trick-or-treat bucket bag. That said, you could use them to stash individually wrapped candies.

The fabric liner of Loungefly's McDonald's bags printed with Boo Buckets

Both styles of bags will be available to order on Loungefly’s site soon.

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