Piece Together Mary Shelley’s Life in MOTHER OF FRANKENSTEIN

Bring the escape room experience to you with this blend of historical fact and compelling fiction! Do you count history, puzzles, and gothic romance among some of your favorite things? Then just stop reading right now and go support Mother of Frankenstein on Kickstarter before time runs out. You can play the intriguing narrative puzzle game solo or with up to six players ages 13 and up.

To help you unlock the story, you’ll find high-quality replicas, props, and actual puzzles. They all have parts to play. Explore Mary Shelley’s tumultuous life from a forbidden romance to the creation of Frankenstein with this one of a kind game that combines your favorite elements of escape rooms, role-playing games, and mysteries.

Mother of Frankenstein

Hatch Escapes/Prodigal

The cooperative puzzle is separated into three different chapters. Each comes in its own hollowed out book. And you don’t need any prior gaming experience to play. The story begins with a letter. Shelley has a secret, she writes to her son, and only through the clues in these boxes can it be revealed. Piece together the hints inside and “you’ll be treated to a heartbreaking story that culminates in a shocking reimagining of the truth behind Mary Shelley’s famous novel,” says the campaign description.

Each chapter focuses on a different time of Shelley’s life. The first covers her teenage years; you’ll have to complete her schooling assignments before piecing together her blossoming romance with poet Percy Shelley. Then the story moves forward to a night in 1814. Shelley is at a ball at Castle Frankenstein, and you must put together a 300-piece puzzle to make sense of the floor plan and advance the story. Finally, a completed 3-D puzzle of the castle itself in the final chapter gives you the last clues to put it all together.

Mother of Frankenstein

Hatch Escapes/Prodigal

Mother of Frankenstein has already started capturing imaginations and has blown past its initial fundraising goal. And the narrative game even has a glowing recommendation from none other than author Neil Gaiman, who is quite the fan of Frankenstein himself. All together, this is a can’t-miss campaign for anyone who loves tabletop games, classic gothic tales, or a good puzzle.

Featured Image: Hatch Escapes/Prodigal

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