This Marvel Size Comparison Video Shows Us Our Favorite Characters’ Real Heights

How tall, or short, are your favorite MCU characters? Well, in most cases, we know how tall the actors are and that’s helpful sometimes. But other times it simply doesn’t give us an accurate guide of the actual size of their Marvel characters. For example, Iron Man is considerably taller than Tony Stark, thanks to those iron lifts in his boots. Also, when it comes CGI creations like the Hulk, or Thanos, the actor’s heights aren’t an accurate representation of how massive the characters are. Thankfully, the Global Data YouTube channel has got answers for us. They’ve created a Marvel character size comparison video, which shows us the heights of some of the most famous MCU heroes, from tiniest to largest. You can watch the full video right here:

As one would expect, Ant-Man is the tiniest Marvel character. However, we were a little surprised to see some characters turning out to be so short. Valkyrie feels like she’s approaching six feet on screen, but she’s only 5’4. Even Throg, the Thor frog from Loki, got included in this size chart. (What, no Alligator Loki??) Apparently, the size comparison video includes the entire Marvel Cinematic Multiverse, because characters like Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man were included along Tom Holland’s Spidey. There’s also Deadpool and even Venom in the mix. But we don’t get to see Wolverine. Maybe when Deadpool 3 comes out, they’ll update the video.

Global Data's size chart for Marvel characters.
Global Data

As great as this video is, there’s some stuff that is a bit confusing for us. For starters, this is a size chart for the MCU versions of the characters, not the Marvel Comics. So how did Galactus get on here? After all, he’s only appeared in a Fantastic Four sequel back in 2007. Even if you were to “multiverse him in,” the Galactus in that movie was a giant space cloud.

Speaking of Galactus, why does he have two entries with two different heights? The first has him at 28’9 feet, which seems small. The final one shows him bigger than the Earth itself! When the Fantastic Four arrive in the MCU, they’re going to need to do some explaining and maybe some updating. Still, it is a very cool project that gives us a better idea of how big (or tiny) our Marvel faves are in comparison to each other.

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