Can You Sweep This Marvel JEOPARDY! Category?

If you’re anything like us, you love to catch an episode of  Jeopardy! just to see if you can snag the answer to even one question. Sometimes though, we all get lucky and the odds get stacked in our favor. In the recent National College Championship tournament, Jeopardy! brought a little nerdy fun to the table. Category is? Marvel. From time to time, Jeopardy! likes to sneak in nerdy categories and answers like this. And when they do, it’s always fun to try our luck at them. So what do you think? Can you sweep Jeopardy!’s Marvel category?

Let’s take a look at the questions:

Okay, we admit it. Jeopardy!’s off-shoots like the National College Championship often give slightly easier questions to their contestants. But bragging rights are bragging rights. And we fully applaud you if you got all these Marvel Jeopardy! questions right. Of course, many Marvel fans could have answered these questions and also given a well-informed monologue on what they mean for the franchise as a whole.

And, even if the answers jump out, the category is full of interesting Marvel trivia. Like how Groot’s actor Vin Diesel got a script with translations from Groot-speak to English. This way, his delivery of Groot’s iconic line could vary. I am… very interested to imagine what the Groot-speak to English translation looked like.

Marvel Jeopardy nerdy category title card

We also enjoy the variety of questions. From Captain Marvel to Ant-Man to Black Panther to Iron Man, many MCU fan-favorite movies were captured in this Marvel Jeopardy! category. A true nostalgia tour for fans of the universe. To be honest, we feel Jeopardy! should incorporate a more regular nerdy category into its game. Or maybe a component like the daily double, but geekier. Everything is better with a little more nerdiness. Just ask nerdy Wordle variants.

I’ll take nerdiness is the best for 1,000, please.

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