These JEOPARDY Contestants Don’t Know Much About Video Games

When Jeopardy! makes the news, it’s usually because of a contestant’s impressive hot streak. But sometimes it’s due to other reasons, like there’s a pop culture reference that gets a fan base excited, or because Jeopardy contestants perform so poorly that it’s sadistically fun to watch. In this case, its a combination of both of these.

The contestants on the episode that aired on September 26 wound up with “Video Games” as the only category remaining to close out the opening round. What resulted was a group effort to absolutely butcher nearly every clue. They at least stumbled out of the gates: A clue about the Disney Infinity games asked for the games’ creators, and after an incorrect guess of “Pixar” from Evelyn, Jordan stepped in with “Disney,” giving the correct answer with a noticeable lack of confidence. He was right to feel that way, as he and his peers appeared to know not a darn thing about gaming, and went on to bomb the rest of the category. They didn’t know that Skyrim is part of the Elder Scrolls series of games, they had no clue that Ghaul is from the Destiny games, they were unaware of the fact that Joust features players riding ostriches, and they had nary an idea, perhaps most disappointingly, that Fortnite is a “battle royale” style game. Then again, they all fared well in the other categories round, which focused on the likes of novels, anagrams, and otters, so who are we to judge? [mpx_video type=”alpha” guid=”pcJI4al_okPQIbMqe1XPR_P2ErxWIYRU”]

Would you have aced this category? While you’re here, share your favorite bit of video game trivia in the comments!

Featured image: Jeopardy

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